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What’s the difference between ice and snow?

We usually tend to believe that ice and snow are one and the same thing but as matter of fact there are differences between the two. Even though both ice and snow are products of water, the process of formation for each of them is entirely different. Lets look at some of the facts which…

Why do we have Fog during winters?

At the onset of winter season , we are almost guaranteed of experiencing the dense fog. Winters bring along with them foggy days and even foggier , chilling nights. Lets find out what exactly fog is and how it is formed. Fog is a cloud that remains on ground. Its a thick cloud of tiny…

What is difference between Cc & Bcc in email terms?

Email has emerged as one of the most widely used mode of written communication. While sending an email we enter the receiver’s email address in the “To” field. Apart from this “To” field there are two other fields namely “Cc” and “Bcc” which also servers the purpose of sending the message to a specific user….