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Why do we feel hungry?

We can resist most of our feelings, be it anger, irritation , frustation or even happiness but when it comes to hunger pangs it gets really hard to control it for long. While we are hungry, we would need something to eat. Have you ever wondered why do we feel hungry and how does our…

Why do we get grey hair with age?

It is a well-known fact that human hairs began to turn grey and white as we grow old. There is no definite age when graying starts and even the amount of grey hair varies for each individual. But what is the mystery behind this? As we grow old what changes in our body that cause…

When was “Archie” the first search engine launched?

Archie Search Engine

Since the advancement of world wide web , we have been accustomed to using search engines like Yahoo , Ask , Google. But, these were not the first search engines to exist. All these search engines were launched in mid 1990s. Prior to these , the first search engine was launched in 1990 which was…