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When was Apple founded?

Apple was established on April 1,1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne with headquarters in California. Apple was known as Apple Computer Inc. They set up Apple with a vision to transform the computers and make them user friendly so that they are small enough to be used at workplace and homes.

Jobs and Wozniak had known each other since 1971 when Wozniak was 21 and Jobs 16 years old. Wozniak already had some exposure to designing and technology as he had build boxes which helped users to make long distance calls with no cost. Several models of these boxes were also sold in the market.

blue-box by Steve Job
blue-box by Steve Job

They started building Apple I in Jobs garage and had very few resources. In July 1976 , Apple I was out for sale with market price of $666.66. It was Apple’s first product which looked like a assembled circuit board and did not have a keyboard , monitor or case. It was a motherboard with RAM,CPU and basic textual-video chips.

Apple’s first product Apple I

On January 3 , 1977 Apple Computer Inc. was renamed as Apple Inc. and Ronald Wayne had left the company. On April 16, 1977 Wozniak introduced Apple II which was invented by him. Apple II was introduced to the public at the first west coast computer faire. Apple II had a TV interface and was equipped with cassette tapes as storage devices which were later replaced by floppy disks. Apple II introduced to the market the first-ever color graphic and revolutionized the computer industry. By September 1980, the sales jumped from $7.8 million (1978) to $117 million.

Later in 1983 , Steve Wozniak left Apple. He was replaced by PepsiCo’s John Sculley. Things didn’t go as planned as Sculley and Jobs found hard to work together. Finally in 1985 Steve Jobs left Apple and opened another company NeXT Software. Apple continued to progress at consistent pace largely because of the plans and
policies that Jobs had designed before he left Apple.

But by 1990s Apple started seeing a dip in the performance with shares going down. In 1996 it was believed that Apple required some new plans else the future wasn’t looking great for them. In 1997, it was Steve Jobs who came to rescue Apple. Steve joined Apple back as interim CEO and formed an alliance with Microsoft to create a MAC version of the office software which was being used in Jobs NeXT Software.
This decision proved to be the turning point as Jobs soon introduced the iBook which were followed by iPod and media player software. These music related products ensured the Apple’s shares were back amongst the top companies.

Apple has emerged as the world’s second largest information technology company after Samsung electronics. The total turn over for Apple is over US$700 billion.
As of July 2015, Apple employs 115,000 permanent full-time employees and maintains 453 retail stores in sixteen countries.

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