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Why did Korea split into two independent nations?

There was a time in world’s history when the country of Korea was placed on the globe as a single unified nation. Although its been a long time now since it was divided in two (North and South) nations. Do you know the reason why this split happened.

During the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) and Korean Empire (1897-1910) the Korea was one nation with people having similar interest and culture. It was in 1910 post Russo-Japanese war, Japan annexed Korea by removing the Korean King Gojong. For the next 35 years till 1945 Korea was the territory of Japan. During the Second World War from 1939-1945 Japan who was with Axis Powers(Germany,Italy,Japan,Hungary) fought against Allied Powers (US ,USSR,Britian,France,Australia) and ended up on loosing side. In 1945, as the war moved towards the end Japan was set to loose its conquered territories to Allied Powers. United States had decided that it would rule over Japan and its territories.

On August 6,1945 United States dropped an Atom Bomb in Hiroshima, Japan which led to huge devastation. Just after US dropped Atom Bomb, Soviet Union also declared war on Japan and conquered Manchuria on August 8,1945. Soveits marched towards Northern Korea. On 15th August,1945 Japan accepted their defeat as their Emperor Hirohito announced surrender. This brought end to the second world war. As the war ended, US and Soveits were keen to capture most of Korea. United States which aimed to capture the capital city of Seoul divided Korea into two halves along the 38th parallel of latitude. US officials Dean Rusk and Charles Bonesteel did this divison. North Korea was captured by Soviets and South Korea belonged to United States.

In 1948 , there were some attempts by US and Soviets to reunify Korea but due to Cold War they did not reach to any conclusion. The South Korea announced itself as a Nation in May,1948. Anti-communist leader Syngman Rhee was appointed by US as the first President in August. On the other hand, Soviets appointed Kim II-sung as the leader of North Korea and on Sep 8, 1948 North Korea also emerged as a independent nation.

Syngman Rhee the first President of South Korea
Syngman Rhee the first President of South Korea


Kim-II Sung first leader of North Korea.
Kim-II Sung first leader of North Korea.


In 1950, Kim II-sung wanted to reunite Korea and initiated the Korean War by invading into South Korea. Both nations fought for next three years but none surrendered. The war ended with no result and both nations remained as independent ones.

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