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When was “Archie” the first search engine launched?

Archie Search Engine

Since the advancement of world wide web , we have been accustomed to using search engines like Yahoo , Ask , Google. But, these were not the first search engines to exist. All these search engines were launched in mid 1990s. Prior to these , the first search engine was launched in 1990 which was named as Archie. It was created by Alan Emtage who was a student from Mchill University in Montreal.

Working of Archie

Back in 1990, there weren’t lot of websites and most of the files were shared on the FTP servers. Focusing on this, Archie was developed to keep an index of all the files located on public FTP sites. It did not index the contents of these sites as it had limited amount of space.So, it was more like a database where filenames could be searched and downloaded.

For indexing, it made use of a spider that visits each FTP site, goes through all the directory and file names , later indexes those in a large database. Whenever a user enters a search query, Archie would refer to its index to look for the most relevant reply to the query.

Type of Search options

  • Exact Match: The search string entered by the user must exactly match the file name only then it would be retrieved from the index.
  • Case Sensitive Search : User string must have the same upper and lower case charcters so as to match the filename.
  • Case Insensitive Search : This is the most widely used search option as user just need to provide the file name and it ¬† ¬†would be fetched.

Ways to use access Archie server

  • Via Telnet : Telnet to the Archie server and login using the username and password. Once the login is successful, you would get the Archie prompt.
  • Via email : User can send an email to Archie server and would get the response with the address of the file if found. Subject on the email can be blank and in the subject just mention Find [Filename].

Archie Search Engine

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