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Why don’t eyebrows and eyelashes grow like head hairs?

Most of us have to visit the saloons once in every two months to get our head hairs trimmed off. Keeping them in check is of utmost importance because our hairstyle plays a key role in our overall appearance. But when its about our eyebrows and eyelashes do you actually remember when was the last time you had to trim them. Probably No. That’s because unlike head hairs they don’t grow beyond a certain length.
Have you ever thought why is that so? Why don’t eyebrows and eyelashes keep on growing just like our hairs on head. Lets reveal the secret behind this.

For understanding this, let us first go through the stages involved in hair growth in human beings. There are three different stages- Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

Anagen Phase:

It’s the first stage which is most active which is why this is also termed as growing stage. The cells at the root of the hair divides rapidly causing the hair to grow. During this phase , the hairs can grow upto 1 cm in a span of 28 days.

Catagen Phase:

The next stage is the catagen phase in which the growing of the hair strands stops. The hair follicle doesn’t get the blood supply necessary for the growth of hair strand.

Telogen Phase:

This is the last stage also known as resting stage where the hair follicle does nothing and the hairs in this stage are considered to have attained their maximum length. After remaining in this stage for few days / weeks the hairs finally began to shed away.

So, hairs throughout the human body follows these phases but the only thing that differs is the amount of time they remain in each phase.

Knowing about the hair stages would now be helpful in understanding the fact behind the growth of eyebrows.

Growth of eyebrows/eyelashes

The growth of the hairs depend on how much time do they remain in the growing stage which is Anagen. Hairs on the head remain in the anagen phase for maximum span of time which may last between 2-7 yrs while the eyebrow and eyelashes stay in Anagen only for few months after which they stop growing. This is the primary reason why they don’t grow beyond a certain length.

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