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What would happen if there is no moon?

Moon lies around 238000 miles from Earth is the closest celestial object and Earth’s only natural satellite. Moon which has been into existence for billion of years certainly has great significance on life on earth. Has anyone of us ever wondered what would happen if the moon vanishes. What would be consequences on our lives if there is no moon. Lets find out some certain changes that we would experience without the existence of moon.

. No high tides in Sea
Without moon, the sea would become much quiter. We won’t witness much variation in the tide level. This would happen because it is the moon’s and sun’s gravitational force that pulls the sea water towards itself and forms the bulge in the sea. The earth’s rotation on its axis, causes this bulge to move which forms the tides. The portin of earth closer to moon experiences high tides. Wihtout the moon, there would still be tides due to sun’s gravitational force but it would not be as high as usual tides.

. No Solar Eclipse
Without Moon, solar or lunar eclipse would never occur. As it is the moon which comes in between the earth and the sun causing this phenomenon. If there would be no moon, nothing would hide the sun resulting into no eclipse. Lunar Eclipse would also disappear as it occurs at full moon when the Earth is between Moon and Sun.

. Much Shorter Day
24 hours a day would not be possible if there isn’t a moon. It is the moon’s gravitational force which slows down the Earth rotation resulting in a day having 24 hours. Without the moon, the earth would rotate much faster with day having only 6-8 hours. This would make an year having more than 1000 days.

. Extreme Weather
Earth rotates with its axis tilted at 23 -26 degrees. The moon’s gravitational torque prevents this axis to change the tilt. If there isn’t moon, the axis would vary with time resulting in extreme climatic conditions. Sometimes there would be extreme heat and sometimes extreme colds with no specific time period.

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