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Who was the first Indian cricketer to feature in commercial advertisement?

For almost two decades it was Sachin Tendulkar who was leading the list of sportsman endorsing most no. of brands. Later , MS Dhoni became the most seen face in advertising. And now its Virat Kohli.
But very few of us know who was the first Indian cricketer who endorsed a brand.

It was the flamboyant , hard hitting Indian wicket keeper Farokh Engineer.

Not only for his fearless batting, Farokh was also famous for his stylish look with long side-burns and hairs. He was the first Indian cricket to feature in an advertisement who promoted a brand Brylcreem. Later he was known as Brylcreem boy. Keith Miller and Denis Compton were the ones who earlier promoted this brand , Farokh replaced them and endorsed this brand for several years.

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