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What is Google Allo app?

Google Allo is the  smart messaging app for Android and iOS which is launched by Google. It promises to offer a wide range of features which no other existing apps possess. Currently, there are variety of messaging apps in the market namely Whats app , Hike , Viber out of which Whats app certainly stands out. Whats app took the global market bu storm and its user base has grown more than 1 billion.

Can Google Allo prove to be a fierce competitor to Whatsapp. Let’s find out what does Google Allo has to offer to its users.

Google Allo an instant chat messenger which provides a wide range of stickers , doodles and emoji that would certainly make chatting more interesting where the users would have lots of options to express themselves better. Google had first announced about Google Allo app in its Developer Conference held in San Francisco on May 18 , 2016. It was officially launched on September 21 , 2016.


Smart Reply :

Google Allo uses the machine learning technology to understand its users behaviour and suggests text and emoji responses while chatting. So, the user doesn’t have to type the whole
text and can keep the chat moving with just a mere single tab. This machine learning technology certainly makes this app smarter than the other messaging apps.

Google Assistant:

This app provides a virtual assistant which can solve your query and can provide real time response withoput having to move away from the chat. For instance, if you want to
check the availability of hotel rooms it can show you the result in the chat itself.


The app provides you with the feature of adjusting the font size of the text which can be increased or decreased by adjusting the volume slider to shout or whisper. If set to
“shout” the text is larger in size whereas “whisper” makes the text small.


Along with the variety of stickers and doodles one has the option of creating your own images and sending them across while chatting. You even have the leverage of editing the
images and adding text or comment to it prior to sending.

Incognito Mode:

The incognito mode gives you the option of  sending chat messages which are encrypted end to end. By default , all the non -incognito messages would be saved on google server to improve the accuracy of smart reply. But if using incognito mode the chat messages would not be saved. It also comes with the feature of expiring chats, so the user can decide on how long they wish to retain the messages.

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  1. Google assistant is more than just virtual assistant, its a congnitive AI based learning system much like siri. Not to add, it gets better with time and usage just like a fine wine 😉

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