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Technology Insight – The Way Innovation Is Changing The Gaming Industry

The rapid progresses technology is achieving can be found by common people in several different fields, for example, in hotels and resorts but also in land based casinos.

We all know that casinos use a lot of technology, mostly for security purposes and that average casinos are normally very efficient with that:

  • External and internal video surveillanceRFID chips in poker chips
  • Facial recognition technology
  • RFID chips in poker chips
  • Mobile apps for customer service
  • IP phone apps for concierge service

Beyond Mere Security…

However, security is not the only reason why casinos use the most advanced technologies. It’s also because the casino owners need to keep track of what their customers do and of how much they spend at games. For example, the RFID chips technology works also to see exactly how much money is on the tables and how the flow of bets is going.

Such technologies allow casinos to see which gamblers are going to lose their money – which will easily lead to lose that customer. Casino operators may decide to intervene and manage the situation in real time, so to rescue the customer in some ways.

Tracking and modeling technologies allow casinos to understand when it’s time to offer some more comfort to which gamblers, so to keep them playing longer, while in other cases technology helps tracking bets, which bets are placed on the table and how much for bet, so to get to a better understanding of the customers’ behaviors, which is basic to define new services to offer them.

Virtual Technology For Online Casinos

As a matter of fact, a widely positive reputation is also deserved by numerous virtual casinos. Certain online casinos offer cutting-edge modern games as well as most appealing bonuses and promotions along with absolutely new and safe games. It’s a winning recipe which offers virtual casinos the realistic opportunity to beat all land based resorts.

Here, you can see some real money casinos in the net. They all are safe and verified casinos, tested by the team experts of Top New casino games

When it comes to real money games, safety becomes more delicate because online players deserve the best care and fairness. There are tons of online casino sites in the web, so Top New Casinos wants to offer its visitors a complete and reliable selection of the best virtual casinos of the moment.

Tips From Top New Casinos

Regardless of your expertise level, before to play a real money game make sure you know the rules. A smart choice would be to try that game in the FREE demo version, which will give you a better insight in that game.

Use your welcome bonus to place bets, but be careful not to use the entire bonus amount all for one game only! If you don’t feel sure about anything, keep in mind that the casino’s customer service is there for you: just click on the icon you have on your screen and start a chat, you’ll get rapid and specific support and tips to improve your casino experience.

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