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Wha is the difference Between LCD and LED?

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)-LCD uses Liquid Crystal Display technology which has two layers of glass which are polarized and stuck together. It has a flat-panel display holding liquid crystals in one of the layers which can block and pass the light to produce image on the screen.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes)-LED TVs are semi-conductor devices which has flat-display which also utilizes Liquid Crystal Display Technology.

Difference – Source of Light

LCD: Liquid Crystals in LCD does not produce their own light rather they depend on the fluorescent lamps which are at the back of the screen acting as the source of light to produce images. A grid contains thousands of shutters which open and close to allow, block the light which produces image on the screen. Image is produced in the form of pixel on the screen which gets visible to us through the light from Fluorescent lamps.

LED: LED TVs uses LED as source of light. Usually there are two types of LED lighting.

  1. Edge Lighting
  2. Full-Array Lighting

In Edge Lighting, number of diodes are placed along the edge of the screen which when powered spreads light on the screen.

In Full-Array Lighting, several diodes cover the entire surface of the screen which provides better brightness and dimming effect.

Apart from this, LED are power effective as LED consume less power than fluorescent lamps.

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