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What are differences between Bacteria and Virus?

We often tend to use these words interchangeably but there are quite a lot of differences between Bacteria and Virus especially in terms of its organism. They both exhibit their own set of unique characteristics.
Lets find out the differences between the two.

Difference with Origin:
Bacteria is a single celled microorganism which can survive in different environments and exist inside and outside of living host.They does not necessarily require any cellular host to survive. They have the capability to reproduce on their own. Bacteria can have positive as well as negative affect on human body and plants.
Virus is a intracellular organism which doesn’t have any cell structure and requires a living host to survive.Virus are nonliving so they cannot exist on their own. Virus gets inside the host cell and changes its genetics. They can only reproduce with the help of host.

Difference with Size:
Both are extremely small in size and it is impossible to view them without microscope. A virus is even smaller as compared to bacteria. It is almost 10 to 100 times smaller than bacteria.

How dangerous can they be for us?
When it comes to effect on human body , lot of bacteria are useful and helps in providing essential nutrients and digestion of food. But there are certain bacteria that are harmful for human body and causes various infections. Antibiotics are used for treating infections caused by bacteria. In recent past, it has been noticed that bacteria are adaptable in nature and overuse of antibiotics can make them resistant to them.

Virus are extremely harmful for human body and infections caused by them are not easy to cure. Antibiotics aren’t effective on virus and its only vaccines that in some way control the infections from virus but doesn’t entirely cure them.

Disease caused by Bacteria and Virus:

Bacteria: Pneumonia, food poisoning , ear infections, gonorrhea
Viruses: HIV , Herpes , Chicken Pox , Measles.
In last few years, with the advent of vaccines the cases of Polio have almost been reduced to zero.

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